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Technical Information Packet

Hamman Hall, a proscenium style auditorium, seats 466 people.
Building Entrance
The main entrance, box office, and lobby are located on the south side of the building. Public restrooms are located in the lower lobby. The entrances to the theatre are in the upper lobby, upstairs from the main entrance.
Handicapped Access
Handicapped access is available through the entrance door on the east side of the building. There are a total of ten (10) wheelchair locations in the front row of the audience, four (4) on the house left side, four (4) on the house right side, and one (1) on each side of the center section. The restrooms are located in the lower lobby at the front of the building, the handicapped access to the restrooms is through the east side entrance, around the building under the covered walkway, and into the lower lobby. There is no handicapped access  to the stage or backstage areas.
Stage Information
Proscenium opening, 15' 6" tall by 32' wide
Plaster line to front of apron, 11' 6"
Plaster line to midstage travelers: 12' 6"
Plaster line to cyc: 19' 1"
Plaster line to upstage travelers: 20' 6"
Wing Space
Stage Left: Space is very limited. There is a space of 8' from the offstage edge of the legs to the wall. The ceiling is only 11' 5" high in the stage left wings.
Stage Right: Space is limited. There is a space of 8' from the off stage side of the legs to the wall. The stage right wing space is also storage for lighting instruments, the dimmer racks, and an aerial work platform. Due to stored items, the ceiling height ranges from 6' 6" to 11' 5" in various areas.
Stage Floor
The stage floor has a ¼" Masonite surface. It is painted black with a satin finish. Screws are allowed into the stage floor. Nails, stage screws, and lag screws are NOT permitted.
Duct tape is not permitted for taping to the floors in the hall.  Only Gaff, Cloth Spike and Glow tapes are allowed. They can be purchased locally at Stagelight, Inc., (2310 Richton, 713-942-0555).
House Draperies
Legs: Four (4) pairs, black Velour, 9' x 20', on traveler track
Borders: Four (4), black Velour, 5' x 49'
Travelers: One midstage and one upstage, both are black Velour, 22' x 40', center opening
Cyc: Seamless white, 18' 6" x 40', on a walk along traveler, lit from behind
Scrim: Black, 18' x 40', on a walk along traveler
NOTE: The house draperies cannot be moved from their designated battens. Legs may be adjusted on or off stage.
We currently do not have a house curtain.
Line Sets
Hamman Hall does not have a fly system. There are three (3) dedicated electric battens on a motorized winch system. Scenery cannot be hung from these battens.
All other battens are dead hung from ceiling trusses and are dedicated to electrics or stage draperies. Scenery could possibly be hung from these battens depending on the weight and size of the scenery. This would only be permitted after being discussed with the technical director.
Our battens and electrics are accessible by use of an aerial work platform/personnel lift. It is a JLG, model number 20EL-AC, electric powered only, has a maximum height of 20' and maximum capacity of 350 lbs. Only Hamman Hall employees may use the lift.

Support Areas
Stage Access: The loading dock doors are in the rear wall of the stage on the stage right side. When the doors are fully opened, there is a 5' 8" wide by 6' 6" tall opening. There is a minimal (4' x 9' 6") concrete loading platform just outside of the doors on the exterior wall of the building. The platform is 4' 3" above the street level and accessible by a set of 4' wide stairs. There is a small, uncovered, enclosed parking area on the backside of the building. There is room for 1-2 vans or a small U-Haul style truck for unloading. Once unloaded, all vehicles must be moved to visitor parking.
Storage: Storage is limited to the minimal wing spaces. There are no alternate storage areas in Hamman Hall.
Dressing Rooms
There is a dressing room on each side of the stage. A spiral staircase in each wing space accesses the dressing rooms.
Each dressing room can comfortably handle ten (10) people. Each has lighted makeup tables, mirrors, a restroom, two sinks, and costume racks. There are no intercom capabilities to the dressing rooms.
There is a 30' x 30' rehearsal room in the basement of Hamman Hall. It can be used, for an extra rental fee, as additional dressing/meeting room space. The rehearsal room is used as a classroom; therefore, it is not available at all times.
Control Board
ETC Eos.  Information about the Eos from ETC can be accessed through their website: http://www.etcconnect.com. These files may be downloaded using the Eos offline editor software for free from their website for programming cues ahead of time.
144 Strand CD-80 2.4KW dimmers, located in two dimmer racks in the stage right wing space.
House Lights
Control locations from back stage right and in the control booth.
Dance Booms
Dance booms (6-13' tall) are available by request for side lighting. There is a set up and take down charge involved. Contact the technical director for the lighting instrument and equipment inventory.
Yamaha Digital Mixing Console 01V96i
Sony MDS-JB940 minidisc recorder/player
Tascam MD-350 minidisc recorder/editor
Tascam CDA500 CD player/cassette deck
House Speakers
2 - Back End Time Align 5000 speakers (1SL and 1SR, hung from the ceiling)
1 - 18" Ban End S18E-C Elf subwoofer (located beneath apron of stage)
2 - JBL Control 5 speakers (onstage monitors, one from each wing)
Mic/Line Inputs
All onstage mic/line inputs are through a Roadmaster 16 channel, 200' microphone snake. It is located SL near the proscenium opening. There are no mic/line inputs from the SR side.
6 - Sure SM57 Dynamic Cardioid microphones (best for drum and instrumental reinforcement)
2 - Shure SM58 Dynamic Cardioid microphones (best for vocals)
2 - Samson UH 1 hand-held wireless microphones
1 - Samson UT1L Lavalier wireless microphone
1 - Audio-Technica Pro49QL podium microphone
Microphone Stands
7 floor stands
2 desk stands
Intercom System
HME DX200 with a wired base station and 4 wireless belt packs that can be used through out the building.
Clearcom CS-210, 2 channel system
7 - production intercom headsets (SMH310) and 6 Beltpaks (BP - 1)
Clearcom outputs are available in the SL and SR wings and through the booth into the audience.
Contact Information
Heather Breikjern, Costume Shop Manager and Coordinator for Hamman Hall Rental Requests
Email: hs16@rice.edu

Mailing Address
Rice University Theatre Program
Hamman Hall
P.O. Box 1892
MS 115
Houston, Texas 77251-1892
Physical Address
Rice University Theatre Program
Hamman Hall
6100 Main Street
MS 115
Houston, Texas 77005