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The Threepenny Opera
By Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill
Directed by Leslie Swackhamer
Music direction by Cristi Macelaru, Rice University Shepherd School of Music
Set design by Matthew Schlief
Light design by Kevin Holden
November 13-15, 19-20, 2009

Public debt is ballooning, banks are going bust, a depression is right around the corner, and Mack the Knife is leaving a trail of broken hearts and cut throats in his wake. In this masterful musical satire, love, sex, murder, and theft all become tactics for survival in a society spinning out of control.

The play challenges conventional notions of property as well as theater. It asks the central rhetorical question, “Who is the bigger criminal: he who robs a bank or he who founds one?”

Come one and all for a musical of murder, mayhem, and matrimony!

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